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The Bay Area Infrastructure Observatory is an alliance of citizens devoted to exploring the infrastructural landscape of the Bay Area. Our mission is to render visible the oft-invisible guts of the city, and foster a community of enthusiasts around the many structures running under the surface of urban life. 

Our mandate is broad: BAIO’s explorations cover a whole range of people, places, and things. This includes the physical landscape—water, energy, transportation, information, and so on—and the social landscape as well—economy, religion, law, and topics further afield.

BAIO outings tour the massive and complex systems that make the Bay possible. We also host a book club and other events to discuss the bigger issues these systems implicate.

We suspect that doing this will be a ton of fun, in addition to being ridiculously educational.

You can learn more about where we’ve been in the past here.

To hear about tour opportunities, as well as announcements on the latest events and news coming up at the Observatory, you can sign up for our community discussion list here.

BAIO is a collaboration between Craig CannonTim Hwang, Xiaowei Wang, and Hilary Hoeber.